Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now Let Us Hear From Emma !

"Dear Paper Lane Bloggers!!

I would like to start by saying that I feel very honored to be given the opportunity to be part of the Paper Lane Design Team 2011! I wasn't sure how best to introduce myself SO I have put a few headings below with bits of information :-P eNjoy....

A littLe bit abOut Me ...

Name: Emma but my friends call me M'z
Resident of Dubai for...: I have spent the majority of my life in Dubai (18 out of 25 years!)
Favorite Colour: PINK!
Favorite Food: SssssUUUshhhIIIIII
Hobbies and Interests: No.1 SCRAPBOOKING! Horse riding, Motocross, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding, Teakwondo and MOre ScrApBooOOking...

My ScrapboOoOoking Style

I find it hard to describe my 'style' as this is very much dependent upon the project which I am working on. This is because most of my layouts, cards and albums are made for gifts; for example a current project I am working on is making invitations for my sister's wedding, and in doing so I am limited to the chosen wedding colours and theme (lucky for me its vintage pink and butterflies! :-D

I would have to say though when I am left to my own devices I seem to use an array of bright vibrant colours (mostly shades of pinks and purples!) and flowers and butterflies seem to creep in left, right and centre! I am also a big fan of crystals and embossing power! I love using veramask on my stamps, emptying a beautiful powder (my favorite is the pink embossing distress powder!!) and heat toOooOOoooOoooling away! Its lovely to watch as the powder dries and works its magic! I am also a huge LOVER of my aging cuttlebug (yes I love my Sihouette machine - the best invention to scrapbooking ever!) BUT the cuttlebug with its bright green colours will always have a place in my heart! LOL :-)

What I hope to achieve from being part of the Paper Lane Design Team 2011
1. TO SPREAD THE LOVE OF SCRAPBOOKING AMONGST MY FELLOW DUBAIANS.... The scrapbooking community has grown significantly since I first started 3 years ago! Paper Lane has brought a whole new front to scrapbooking in Dubai :-) Thanks to Paper Lane's beginners scrapbooking class, I was introduced to scrapbooking and since then I strive to learn new techniques and buy new products, and Paper Lane always seems to have the latest and greatest in scrapbooking on their shelves! GO PAPER LANE!! WooHoooooo.... I think that the Design Team of 2011 should take it upon themselves to spread the concept amongst others so they too can tap into their creative greatness!

2. Personal Development: I think that being part of the Paper Lane Design team with a group of such wonderful designers will open up the opportunity for me to learn new techniques and concepts.

Any Last WoOrds?!?
KEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp Upppp the ScrapBoOOook LOVE!

Thanks everyone!!"

That is our sweet, lovely Emma everyone! She had captivated us with her very initial attempt at scrapbooking, and enthralled us more with her very charming and pleasing personality. Great to have you with us, dear Emma!