Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 3 - Spring Break Camp

Good day crafters,

We’ve all been creatively busy here at Paper Lane’s Spring Camp and things are only getting better day by day! The kids had a tremendous time during their last session. Can you guess what they have crafted? Yes, those are door decorative hangers personalized with the kid’s favorite patterns and messages! :)

Whether you don’t want to be disturbed or you want have a bit of a longer nap, with these hangers you can now say it your way! The kids had lots of fun mixing paint and stamping to make their ideas come to life. The decorative hangers were a great success and we are sure they will proudly hang on each of the kid’s bedroom door!  Our young campers loved this project and everybody wanted the day to never end. 

You think that was awesome? Then stay tuned for more to come! :D