Friday, March 22, 2013

Fun with Martha Stewart Crafter's Clay

Hello! Today I have to show you a very simple card that you can easily recreate with your kids using Martha Stewart craft's clay and molds. To help me with this project I have my little assistant Raya.

We had lots of fun playing together and mixing the Martha Stewart crafter's clay to get different colours. I found the clay really kid and mommy-friendly since it's very easy to play with and it's mess free. Also, it air dries and is lightweight which makes it suitable for cards and scrapbooking projects. 

We used these Martha Stewart products (available at Paperlane):

First we used the white clay to make some shapes that we can colour later on. What you need to do is:

Place the clay in the mold and press it firmly, then remove the excess clay from the sides.

After that carefully remove the clay from the mold:

And here it is - a perfect, super easy strawberry.

Next we started mixing the basic colours to get green and pink:


And made lots of shapes including the cherries you see on the card:

Next time you wonder how to keep your little ones creatively busy, try the Martha Stewart clay and molds. Paperlane now stocks many molds including beautiful flowers and butterflies.

See you next time!

Lidiya and Raya :)