Friday, December 28, 2012

Martha Stewart Stencil Ideas

Hey happy crafters! The new year approaches and I hope and pray that 2013 be a wonderful year for all of us filled with love, happiness and new hopes, dreams and achievements!

With this post I share with you a few "Martha Stewart" projects using her paints and stencils.  As I mentioned in a previous post her paints are incredible - they are thick and luscious and can be used on all surfaces...and I mean ALL surfaces.  It applies smoothly, does not have small bits of residue like some paints do and the finish is a dream.  It is perfect for any project.  The wonderful thing about using her paints on ANY surface means your projects can incorporate paper, walls, canvas, wood, glass, ceramics, mirrors, furniture anything.  It is perfect for craft projects AND home decor projects.

The paints come in a wide variety of types and colours and Paper Lane stocks the entire selection. The product range also includes stencils and templates and with the paints it is easy to turn an ordinary item into something spectacular.

Ladies let me emphasize that all the items I used in my projects were items that I had around my home; all of them plain and plain in fact that they were hidden from view :-).  I had so much fun with the paints and stencils I went over board as you can see...when I saw how easy they were to use I did not want to stop!  I specifically chose items I imagined everybody has around in their home because I wanted to show you how versatile these paints are .

In keeping with the festive celebrations I stuck with the Christmas theme. So without further ado lets take a look at the projects...


For the above project I used a simple wooden box and first painted it with white acrylic paint.  I picked a stencil from the flourish collection, positioned it with some Martha Stewart tape and applied the paint with the stencil brushes. The paint I used is florentine gold glitter paint - the end result??  A perfectly decorated box to hold the left over Christmas trimmings and add a wonderful touch to the decorations in any home.  It is so easy to do - pick a stencil, stick it down and add your paint!!


This time I applied goji berry to a cheap plastic pot plant holder.  With this round surface I made sure the stencil was tightly secured with the tape before applying the paint - I did not want any seepage!!  I also applied the paint with a roller to the rim of the pot plant holder and the water catcher - I think it looks lovely - vibrant enough to now 'live' in my kitchen!


A friend of mine loves potpourri so I bought her a box of fragrant vanilla as a Christmas Gift!  Instead of gift wrapping it I decorated the box itself using a stencil - it turned out great!  I picked the word 'relish' from the inspiration collection and with beetle black satin paint, easily applied it to the acetate box housing the very fragrant potpourri.  A paper doily positioned on top, some silver ribbon threaded through black lace, a flower cut with my Silhouette Cameo, two chipboard stickers, silver bead bling and a pretty tag made by a friend completed the look.  Please note all the items in red italics and more are available at Paper Lane.


I took two matching hand towels from my linen cupboard and with pink salmon and surf satin paint turned them from plain and boring into something warm and romantic!  The 'his' and 'hers' stencil is from the inspiration collection.  Looks great...hmmm...thinking of making some more!!


What is any project if there is not a 'paper' one hmmm :-).  I turned this boring white paper bag into a pretty Christmas gift bag that any receiver would love!  I used green curry satin paint and applied it to the border stencil - love it!  This stencil is also from the flourish collection. A touch of red, a pretty tag and I was done.  It is that easy!

Please be on the lookout for the other DT ladies projects where I am sure they will be using Martha Stewart's awesome products on different surfaces than my own.

See you at Paper Lane... Janine