Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Peek @ Week 1 of Summer Camp 2012

Good evening crafty peeps!

This is just a quick post to let you in on the fun week that this year's Summer Camp participants had experienced. Do note though that two of the photos had already been posted on our FB page, but we do know that some of you arent on FB at all so we'd like you to see for yourself the wonderful time that our campgoers had!

Day 1 was a very special day as it was the first time that we got to meet them, and understandably they were all very reserved and shy. But it proved to be no hindrance in their enthusiasm to do their project for the day, which was a Kaisercraft artist tray - and just look at the beautiful finished works!

Day 2 was a revelation, as the participants began to loosen up and enjoy more of the others' company. They did a door sign/memo project , using techniques derived from the workshop with our guest designer last month. Fortunately, they had enough time to use the same techniques for a layout featuring photos taken of them with their Babas.Today was Day 3 of the Summer Camp, and it totally became apparent that the participants are so into the workshop as can be seen from all their beaming lovely faces !!! Aren't they all a beauty? This time they made 2 Ramadan cards as well as an Eidiya envelope to give to their elders to fill! ☺

Here's to two more weeks of fun workshops with aspiring future crafters !!!