Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrate Birthdays at Paper Lane !

     There is perhaps no other event in a person's life that is more looked forward to than one's birthday celebrations!  Young and old, rich and poor alike - there is always an excitement and joy to be felt with the advent of that single day in a year when we'll be older, yet richer with the warm salutations and heartfelt goodwill from family and friends.
     That's why here at Paper Lane, celebrations spent with friends and other  family members are such a joyful and momentuous event that everyone looks forward to! The kinship that is further cemented by the goal to finish one's project, and make it as beautiful as possible ... the efforts to make the celebrant feel as special as possible ... the excitement of sharing a delicious meal with friends ... and the lure of a sweet treat to perfectly cap a wonderful day are just some of the reasons that make birthdays at Paper Lane truly special !

     Below are some photographs of the recent birthday parties that were held at Paper Lane, for beautiful young girls Maria Paola and Aanya - everyone had a blast, and so should you! :)
Sweet Aanya had a blast making and adorning a chipboard mini book with her precocious group of friends!

Lovely Paola celebrated her birthday with a select group of enthusiastic friends
For any birthday inquiries, call Paper Lane at 04-3443633 - hope to hear from you soon!

Happy week-end !!!