Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paper Lane Welcomes the New Year with a Smile!☺

Have a happy and blessed 2012, dear crafters !

We do hope you greeted the new year with lots and lots of SMILEs on your faces, as our outlook and mood for today should hopefully dictate our demeanor for the rest of the year, and what a fabulous year it will be if we are to greet each day with a wide, big grin on our faces!

Just see what we mean with these precocious bunch of kids who were the latest batch to participate on our annual winter workshop held on December last year (whoa! that sounded like eons ago :p)

These kids worked with several projects, which included Scrapbooking on Canvas, Mini Book and Interactive Card-Making. They definitely had a blast, if the sweet smiles on their faces are anything to go by.

At the end of the workshop, they were individually presented with a certificate to vouch for their hard work!

We sure do hope these kids would nurture their love for crafting and would turn out to be such creative and talented artists in the future !

May we all have a prolific and amazing time paper-crafting in 2012 !!!