Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celebrate your Birthday Parties at Paper Lane!

Hello everyone!

We know it's been sometime since our last post , so we'd like to apologize to everyone for missing us! (we sure hope you do!☺) We've been updating our FB page anyhow, so please do drop by and visit our site from time to time (and LIKE us, if you still haven't!☺)

As promised on our FB page, we are now featuring the series of birthday parties that we've hosted recently, and we'll start with beauteous Mariam's!

The colors purple and pink were central to her birthday theme, and what a beautiful party hers turned out to be! Her lovely mum and the rest of her family and friends (with the help of Paper Lane and Sweet Lane of course) spared no effort to ensure that this would turn out to be her best birthday celebration ever!

The next photos are of pretty Tara's birthdays! Yes, sweet Tara had celebrated her special day with us for these past two years! She and her friends did a layout class for the first year, and came back for an altered house class for the second! Much thanks to you, Tara, and your family for always spending your birthdays with us!

And to conclude, we have adorable Jaahnvi's birthday photos to feast our eyes on! With pink as her central theme, Jaahnvi and her friends did an altered house with mini album included. Capped off with scrumptious cupcakes from Sweet Lane, the party concluded with her entire family joining in the fun and excitement of a Paper Lane birthday party!

Want a birthday party like no other? Then do visit us at Paper Lane to find out more!