Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Martha Stewart Glass Paints and Silkcreens

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to inspire you with projects using Martha Stewart glass paints and adhesive silkscreens. It looks like glass painting is a hit lately and I painted a bit myself too! Yes, time to explore...time to bring something fresh to my crafting space! 

The glass paints really works great and comes in a number of finishes. I used Yellow Gold Metallic, Raspberry Ice Gloss Opaque, Key Lime Transparent and Feldspar Fine Glitter glass paints for these projects. Love the fun paint colors!

The paint comes with fine point applicator tip and in a nice size bottles which is perfect enough for my craft space. Of course there are a wide of variety of colors available at Paper Lane along with Martha Stewart paints accessories such as tools and applicators which are brilliantly and beautifully designed, stencils and silkscreen, mediums, finishes and specialty effects. Have to grab some for myself too!

Also, I used the Martha Stewart Floral Doily adhesive silkscreen along on these projects and I just love how my projects turn out. 

The first glass painted project I did was on a flower vase. Imagine from a plain flower vase to this:

I used Raspberry Ice Gloss Opaque, Key Lime Transparent glass paints on the vase. Really love these paints! It has a creamy, smooth texture and really good consistency. There is almost no odor, too. 

The silkscreen is wonderful too! It gives my project an exquisite detailed design. I find the adhesive backing makes it simple and easy to apply the paints on the curved surface of the vase. 

I used the Foam Pouncer Method for these projects which I found quite easy for me to use and just ideal for curved surfaces.

And here’s another glass project:
I used Yellow Gold Metallic glass paint for these drinking glasses. 

Now, I have beautiful and unique hand painted drinking glasses to grace my table and to offer to my guests. 
There are two methods for curing the Martha Stewart Glass Paints:
Oven-cure and Air dry method. I used the air dry method (as I live in a sharing accommodation and shares oven with other staff). My project has now been air dried for 21 days. As I don’t have a dishwasher either, I hand washed my vase and glasses and WOW the paint did really stays on the glass!!!

Just in case, here’s the oven-curing directions I found on the internet are as follows
After drying for 1 hour, place in cool oven. Set temp to 350 degrees F and bake for 30 min. (Glass must heat gradually) After 30 min turn the oven off. Let glass cool completely in oven. Don’t use for 72 hours.

I got carried away and  I thought I’d play a bit more with these paints. I'm using these plain glass tea light candle holders for quite awhile now. So, I give them a lift up. It is new year after all, time for a new look!

Used again the Yellow Gold Metallic glass paint but this time I top it up with Feldspar Fine Glitter. I love the sparkle and how they complement each other. It’s awesome that the glitter is light enough to let me layer the paints for a really customizable look! Just remember not to oven-cure projects with fine glitter finish; air-cure only.

We are so lucky that Paper Lane has brought these here in Dubai and stocks the entire selection of Martha Stewart craft paints and wide varieties of tools and accessories.

I hope you will find time to visit Paper Lane and grab some Martha Stewart craft paints, tools and accessories. This is really a good quality product and fun tool that you should have in your craft box!

New year…
new you…
believe in yourself and let creativity flows. 

With these candle lights, I wish that the lights of the New Year will bring everlasting joy, colors and merriment to your {painting and crafting}lives.