Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bird House Garden

I love gardens, birds, butterflies and flowers.  The 'fairy' in me always imagines there are indeed fairies, gnomes, pixies and other ethereal creatures living in their beauty.  This was exactly my thought when I was given a wooden bird house as part of my DT create a garden for the birdhouse - one beautiful enough to attract fairies, butterflies and a few nosy creatures!

Take a look...

For the base of the garden I used a wooden in tray, painted it in Martha Stewart's curry green satin craft paint.  I flipped the tray around and hot glued a grass square to it.

I painted the bird house with vanilla bean paint and once it was completely dry I applied Martha Stewart's weather crackle effect to the back sides and roof only - I left the front as is.  The image below shows the crackle effect beautifully.

The image below is the back view of the birdhouse and garden.

I attached the decorative wreath to the opening of the birdhouse and it fits perfectly.  Positioned the bird hovering to enter the house and adhered a toadstool to the right hand corner.

In the image above and below can you notice some of the nosy creatures who wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation the fairies were having?  Besides the butterflies I see 3 - can you spot them?

I mostly used artificial leaves and flowers; in between I used some peach coloured roses and a sunflower.  The white fence is actually drawer space dividers purchased locally and they resemble a picket type fence perfectly!

All the items in italics and red are available at Paper Lane plus they stock a full range of Martha Stewart paints,  accessories and tools!  When there browse the wide range of embellishments and papers too and start to make your project now!  There is no limit to what you can do with these paints; they are fantastic to use AND they wash off easily if you make a mistake.  Pop into Paper Lane and stock up on all your Martha Stewart will not regret it!

So that's it from me today - I hope you enjoyed reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures and I certainly hope you try and create a project with a bird house too!  I think this birdhouse garden would be a perfect gift for a girl  - who would not love to move the fairies around - yeah I did not glue them down!

See you at Paper Lane... Janine