Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcoming Bo Bunny's CHA 2012 Collections Into Paper Lane!

Thursday couldn't come fast enough, right everyone? *wink!*

But as our most awaited day of the week is finally here, we at Paper Lane would like to add on to your excitement with today's feature on Bo Bunny's CHA 2012 New Arrivals!

Loved by many, esp by "expert" and advanced scrap bookers, our 4 new collections by Bo Bunny will surely cater to every crafter of any style and proficiency.

Read on to see what we've got!

All NEW Country Garden Collection

Beautifully light and fluttery as a butterfly (of which this collection has a lot of) Country Garden is a breath of fresh air -light, airy and oh-so-pretty!

All NEW Ambrosia Collection

Ambrosia is commonly referred to as food, or drink , of the gods (of ancient Greece, that is!) But this particular collection from Bo Bunny is much more earthy, dominated by beige and browns, but colorfully interspersed with vivid oranges, bright yellows, calming greens and blushing pinks - in short, truly breath-taking!

All NEW Serenity Collection

Oh Serenity, how to attain thee? A trip to the Far East might help, but crafters need not go that far for a touch of Serenity , as Bo Bunny has beautifully translated the allure and the deep dark mystery of the Orient with this collection.

Passionate prints in fiery reds but calming turquoise temper this intense collection , all in the name of much-longed-for Serenity!

All NEW Weekend Market Collection

In the old cities of Europe , a trip to the flea market is a must - and so is this vintage-y new collection from Bo Bunny !

Retro and steam punk-ish , this collection would work best with your latest Tim Holtz-inspired masterpiece !

Have you had your fill of these eye-candies on offer ? Do head to Paper Lane to see more!☺

Have a fantabulous week-end everybody!!