Thursday, February 23, 2012

We R Memory Keepers' Crafty Latest, Now @ Paper Lane !

A hearty hello to everyone once more!

We would like to give our warmest thanks to those who had sent in their applications in reply to Paper Lane's 2012 Design Team Call - your works are amazing guys! ... BUT we still have around 8 days to receive applications .. so please, dont be shy - we would love to see all of your works! And just to clarify, an active online presence doesnt necessarily equate to having your own personal blog, we just need you to liven up our FB page more - with your views, news and most importantly, photos of your latest creations!☺

Having said that, we hope you'll take this weekend as an opportunity to photograph your work or create your project entries so we could finally get to discover that talent that lurks inside of you ! Everyone agree? so keep those DT applications coming!☺

Moving on, we are so thrilled to present to you our latest finds from We R Memory Keepers !!! Crafters please take note, as this latest tools and accessories from the highly popular WRMK Sew range could just be what you've been waiting for all these time !!!

Sew Stamper

The Sew Stamper from We R Memory Keepers is the solution for the crafter who loves the “sewn” look but dislikes sewing, and loves stamping but can’t find the right designs! The Sew Stamper combines the best of both worlds – sewn designs with a self-inking rubber rolling stamp! Each package includes one Sew Stamper self-inking tool with the straight stitch head that will make over 1,000 impressions.

All NEW Sew Ribbon

We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon takes the concept of stitching thread to now threading ribbon! Like the Sew Easy which allows you to create beautiful stitched patterns on all types of projects, you can now make beautiful designs with ribbon! You have been using ribbon for years to embellish your projects, and now you can easily apply the ribbon and project. Tool attaches to stencil for convenient storage. Punches through extra thick cardstock or multiple sheets of thin paper. Transparent stencil for easy alignment and magnets allow for placement anywhere on the page. Each tool also includes three ribbon needles.

All NEW Cotton Tail Collection

Bunnies, eggs, flowers, butterflies and gardens - what could possibly be better than Spring ?!!! Liven up your layouts for this season of barbecues , early beach swims, Easter holidays, etc. with the Cotton Tail collection from WRMK. Soft pastels and lovely prints truly echo the promise of a new day and the rebirth of all things bright and beautiful☺

All NEW Designer Albums

We are so pleased to show you the latest designs of 12x12 leather albums from WRMK!

RESTOCK of Classic Leather Albums

RESTOCK of Destination Embossed Tags

As summer is almost upon us, we are sure that you have already booked your tickets for your next summer holiday. Do check out the complete embossed destination tags we've got instore!

RESTOCK of Essential Tools

So this concludes our week - frantically busy, but well worth it !

Happy weekend , lovelies! xx