Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have Your Share of Cardmaking Delights

     Our DT Lidiya's first ever Cardmaking class last month was literally swamped with a lot of interested students that we had to regrettably turn down a few more requests for slots. But fret no more, because for this month, she'll be holding not just one, but three classes for us here at Paper Lane!!!

    The first 2 sessions, to be held this coming Saturday, May 14  and Wednesday, May 18 will introduce the basic tips and techniques in Cardmaking and Stamping. It promises to be another fun-filled and knowledge-expanding class, if the sentiments of her previous class' students are anything to go by. They were so eager for another class under DT Lidiya that we had to make an Advanced Cardmaking class, the details of which we'll surely post soon!

     So for those of you who would like to acquire the latest cardmaking tips and techniques , do enlist for our DT Lidiya's Cardmaking Delights class - we guarantee that itl'l be a money well spent, as you'll surely acquire and expand your cardmaking skills and know how!

     On a different , yet related front - we are so excited to present to you another class that would be a first for Paper Lane - The Wonders of Quilling!

     Quilling, or paper filigree as it is known otherwise - is a delicate art craft that involves rolling, coiling and combining strips of paper to form unique designs - that may include flowers, butterflies, or basically anything that your imagination can create. You can then use them to embellish cards, tags, or form them into beautiful artworks for decorative purposes.

     And to ensure that you'll get the best ever introduction to this dainty and intricate art form, we have UAE's foremost quilling educator and Emirati artisan Amna Al Fardh to lead the class.

     A very active member of Emirates Quilling Guild, she is the UAE and Middle East's regional representative to the prestigious North American Quilling Guild.

     We sure do hope you'll enroll in one of these classes soon ! And lest you think that our classes only cater to Beginners, we have just the workshop for those of you who's been hankering for more Advanced classes! Please do stay tuned coz we'll tell you more about them in the coming days !!

See you soon! xxx