Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Machine For All Occasions

Well hello everyone !

Please do forgive us if it seemed like we've "hibernated" away the first few days of the new year☺. It wasnt the case at all, as we've been really preoccupied with taking stock not only of our merchandise but of some other things concerning Paper lane as well.

And in the course of doing it, we've come to rediscover several functions that one very special machine (which Paper lane has stocked from the very beginning ) can actually do ! Take a look and marvel at the variety of uses that this machine could come up with !!

Cut vinyl to decorate any glass surface like vase, or as template for etchings

Print elaborate, intricate, or customized designs for frames and decors

Make personalized, statement tees (love this!)

You may even put rhinestones on fabric !

Provide detailed and ready-made templates of cards and boxes for the paper crafters, of course! ☺

So delightful, aren't they ? Didnt know that this machine could actually come up with these wonders , apart from their more well-known uses that graphic designers and avid paper crafters are already very familiar with ...

Want to know which machine we're talking about ? Then stay stuned for our next post because we'll tell you more about it!

Happy weekend, everyone !