Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paper Lane's Chipboard Word Book

Our dear readers,

Let us take this opportunity to greet each and every UAE citizen and resident a Happy National Day !!!
May we take this occasion to rejoice and contemplate on our good fortune to be living in this wonderful country, and strive to do our best to contribute to its continuous success and prosperity in our own little way. A good start would be to treat each and every person around us with respect and humility regardless of their nationality or stature in life – as we have been welcomed by the kind people of the UAE.

And in relation to today’s festive celebration, we would like to show you two beautiful creations by our previous teacher, Madam Tingting Nivera, who has since moved to The Netherlands. These mini-books’ themes are just right for today’s occasion :

Aren’t they such beauties ? Madam Ting obviously treasures the wonderful years that her family spent in the UAE . We’re sure you do too, so why not make your own mini word album ? Head over to Paperlane, as we have a vast array of word books to choose from !

Just got back from holiday somewhere ? - London, Paris, Oman, Qatar, India, Africa, Vegas, Spain , Germany, Morocco, etc. – Browse through our word books section and you’re bound to find them all! And if not, we can have them made especially for you !

Need a gift idea for a person who already has everything ? Then make a mini-album from their names – be they Habibi , Ahmed, Tracey, Elaine, Rashid, Hamdan, Alia, Fatima, Mother, Dad, Mom, Friends, Debbie, John … we’ve got them all for you!

To further inspire you, please take a look at this gorgeous mini-book that our resident designer Lani has made for her beloved husband :

Aren’t they just amazing ? What makes this mini-book so special aside from the very poignant moments captured on-cam between her husband and their children are the incredibly touching messages written by the children themselves as to why their Baba is simply the best ! It is a gift that simply touches the heart, and for which no material thing could ever surpass .. so why not make one for that very special person in your life?

Shall we then expect to see you here at Paper lane? We certainly hope so!

And please dont forget to bring your Town Centre Privilege Plus Card to avail of these wonderful mini books at 15% off!

Happy weekend !!!