Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cardmaking Class Call - the Repeat !

How’s your week thus far ? As today’s Thursday, let us wish you a happy and event-filled weekend !

We are so brimming with excitement about the latest developments happening on Paper Lane.

For a start, we are so pleased and heartened by the level of interest and anticipation that you’ve shown towards our Cardmaking classes. Our phones have rung nonstop since we’ve advertised for them and slots have all been filled just two days after the newsletter had been sent ! We sincerely thank you for your interest, and inasmuch as we would like to accommodate everyone who had visited the store or called us to express their intention to attend, we also need to make sure that our students would be able to maximize their learning experience , so we kept seats to a bare minimum – which should ensure that you get every fils’ worth of your hard earned dirhams!

Therefore, due to insistent public demand … we have scheduled two more additional classes!

Yes, you read it right ! For those of you who’s been unable to book for the first 3 classes that we’ve offered , fret no more because we’ve added two more dates to our Cardmaking sessions, which are as follows ;

We hope you would grab this great opportunity to enhance your Cardmaking skills under the tutelage of our Resident Designer Lani Bin Haider. Would you want to know why ?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and we’ll tell you why ! For the meantime, visit Paper lane now and reserve your seats !