Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scholarly September

Hi there, everyone !

We’re sure most of you are wondering what Paper Lane has been up to during our month-long silence. So to start things off, we would like to wish you Ramadan Kareem ! We know its quite late since we’re now on the final stretches of the holiest period in the Islamic calendar, but as it has often been said ... better late than never ! :)

How’s your summer coming along ? We hope you’ve had lots of fun - whether you’ve spent your holidays abroad , or just opted to take advantage of the massive sales here at home by having a “staycation”. Whatever it is, just be sure to enjoy and make the most of the next ten days or so, as...

September means its Back to School time for all students once more !!!

Here at Paper Lane, we aim to encourage our young ones to muster a lot of enthusiasm for the school year ahead by coming up with some craft-worthy ideas to rev up their interest for learning. Therefore, we thought of several ways to personalize items usually associated with school that would best showcase their interests, or personality for that matter. So go on - take a look, or better yet, ask your kiddies to lend you a hand which might just do the trick to heighten their anticipation for the opening of classes !

A clock of their own so they're always on time for school :)

Color-coordinated notebooks and lunchbox

Organizers to neatly keep their odds and ends

Customized picture frame for your A+ child ;)

These are just some ideas that could help kick-start your children's scholarly pursuits for the year ahead . Please note that all papers, materials, and embellishments used on these projects are now available at Paper Lane, so why not drop by for a visit so you could see the rest of our Back to School range? To inspire you further, check out this beautiful layout made from Sassafras ' Alpha Jack collection :)

There you go !... and judging by the looks of things , September is truly shaping up to be one busy and exciting month as we're lining up some surprises that would surely be of much delight to you all !

So please stay tuned , and see you in-store !!!