Friday, April 2, 2010

Shloka's Scrapbook Party

Birthday cake, decorations, and gifts are only part of a successful birthday party -- but the party activity always make it memorable to the attendees.

Here at Paper Lane, we give the kids a 100% creative and fun-filled time with a scrapbook party !

Saturday, 13th of March we had a handful of 24 kids for Shloka's 11th birthday blast!

Just look at their lovely photos!

The kids had a grand time cutting, gluing and designing their page.

Even the parents joined in the fun!

Scrapbooking isn't just for girls! Boys loved it, too!

And here are the kids showcasing their works of art for all of you to see. Just look at all their proud faces!

The kids sang the birthday song for Shloka on top of their voices, and all jumped at the same time after the song! It was sure a great and superb party!

And of course, the birthday cupcakes from our very own, Sweet Lane!

Here's the beautiful birthday girl, Shloka Sharma! Happy 11th birthday!

Now, it's time to blow the candles. . .

... and grab a bite of yummy cupcakes! The kids had loads of pizza and juice as well.

Here's the celebrant's mom, Payal Sharma having a good time with the kids as well.

The parents were sure suprised and delighted at the scrapbook layouts of their kids. This served as their take-away gifts from Shloka. Gifts that they will surely treasure and hang in their bedrooms.


Thank you Paper Lane....
For a great and exciting party
For being extremely helpful
For all the patience and making every child feel soooo good about their
Shloka had a superb party
Thanks to all you lovely people's great efforts
Thank you once again...

Xx hugs...

Sharma family

Thank you very much for the wonderful message. We all had a great time and the kids surely had fun!

And here is Daniella, Em and me with Shloka after her wonderful party!

Have a festive party here at Paper Lane! Bring your friends and spend time doing what you love on your birthday.

'Til our next scrapbook party!