Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Camp 2nd Batch

Paper Lane's Kids Summer Camp would like to thank you all dear parents for trusting us. We hope that your kids will enjoy 2 weeks of scrapbooking and cake decorating activities here in our cool camp!

We would like to apologize to those parents who are still calling to enroll their kids for our summer camp. We would really love to accommodate all of you, but we already have quite a handful of 30 enthusiastic kids! We are truly sorry about that. Paper Lane's main focus is to give your kids a unique camping experience, providing both one on one and group teachings in Scrapbooking, Creative Crafts and Cake Decorating.

But don't you worry dear parents! Paper Lane will continue to provide exciting and worthwhile scrapbooking activities that your kids will surely enjoy. Hang on and we'll keep you posted!

And watchout for our 2nd Batch of Summer Camp photos!

See u at Paper Lane!