Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Camp 9th Day

It's our second to the last day for our first batch of summer camp. It's a little sad, because I for sure will miss the kids. But then, we do have a second batch coming up this Aug 9-20! And Im sure that this summer fun will never end.

The Junior campers are on a competitive spirit today. They all wanted to become the Best Junior Camper. They were all being good, neat and clean on their work. They made an amazing lay out of their family tree. The campers had chocolate cake, fresh fruits and brazo de mercedes for snacks today. The Sweet Lane staff is really taking good care of these kids.

The Little campers just can't get enough of icing and cakes! And we are on the grand finale of our cake decorating class, the House Cake! Well, at first we thought that our little ones wouldn't be good enough. They wanted different icing colors and designs and they even put big butterflies on top of their cakehouses. But they proved us wrong! They were even better. Just look at their cutest photos proudly holding their masterpieces...