Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Day of Summer Camp 2009

"Every goodbye makes the next hello closer."

Yes, it was indeed our last day for the first batch of Summer Camp 2009. Our Little and Junior campers finished a minimum of 10 layouts each in their beautiful 12x12 and 8x8 albums. Their daily projects which includes greeting cards, mini books, altered arts , picture frame, beading and a lot more were truly amazing! Up to the end, our campers showed great enthusiasm and creativity! Just look at their proud faces as we took a group picture of them.

During awarding time, we gave out Certificates of Completion and a set of stickers to all our campers. We also gave out a huge scrapbooking present for the Best Little and Junior Camper. And a set of stickers for the one who made the Best Project. Plus, we gave out mini album especially made by Paper Lane to all our campers as a keepsake for all the fun memories they had at Dubai's biggest scrapbooking store, Paper Lane.

We thank you all, Little and Junior campers, for choosing us. We do hope that you learned the joy of scrapbooking through us here at Paper Lane, and also the wonders of cake decorating through our very own, Sweet Lane.
'Til next time!