Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7th Day of Summer Camp

Our Little scrappers had their first taste of sweet and yummy fun today! Yes, it's their first day of cake decorating. And they quite had a messy fun of it,too!

Who said that our little kids can't decorate their cupcakes? Here's proof that they can and that they were very thrilled doing it.

See their fascinated faces? They learned basic cake decorating techniques from Chef Noel. The chef also showed them how to make butter cream icing, and were introduced to decorating basic tips. They also did icing color mixing and each one practiced on a board. Afterwhich, Chef Noel showed them how to make a clown on top of a cupcake. Then he gave them two chocolate cupcakes for them to decorate on their own and take home! These little kids were not only quite a handful, but also icingful during the class! Take a look at their wacky faces!

Simultaneously, the Junior scrappers were quite on the blue room. Quietly concentrating on their scrapbooking!