Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yipeee, Paper Lane is finally UP!

Finally, we have the store signage outside the villa.
We have attracted so many ladies who were curious about scrapbooking and they were amazed of all the preeeetty goodies in the store. And we were surprised with the number of ladies who dropped by in the store and were so happy they finally found a scrapbooking store in Dubai. They can't believe that we've been in the business for 3 long years but never found us .... now we believe how effective the power of visual sign is!
We have another eye candy for you as we received 12 boxes full of yummy and scrapalicious supplies from your fave manufacturers. The "girls" are working double-time updating our online store and now we have another 12 boxes to sort out... waaahhhh!!! (we can hear Shiren crying!)
Promise we will upload the photos of the new arrivals the moment we can ... but if you can't wait for the sneak peeks... then pop down to our place and have a first-hand look and feel of all that will await you!

And so, we really hope to see you soon ... in the meantime, enjoy scrappin!